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Window & Door Installation & Replacement

Bohl Home Services is proud to offer customers window repair and replacement! Usually, it can be glaringly obvious when your windows or doors need replacing. Maybe your energy bills have slowly climbed to outrageous amounts, which can be a typical occurrence as older-style windows and doors increase in age and the seals become loose and damaged. Often times, older windows and doors can become an eyesore for the home and, in turn, become a likely and easy target for those unsavory individuals looking to break in. Decrepit windows can be a pain to clean and both doors and windows can be uncomfortable to sit by when the cold draft of winter easily crosses through. No worries- there are clear solutions!

Depending on your budget, Bohl Home Services can easily repair or replace your windows or doors using products you trust. After evaluating your needs and determining your budget, we can help you feel at ease with your home again! Whether your needs surround home security, low maintenance, or efficient climate control, we can help you increase the value of your home without breaking the bank.


If you need window repair- we are the ones to call! We will inspect and repair your window and seals to the best possible condition. If your old windows are too big a pain, we can help you choose windows that will add value to your home, keep your electric and gas costs down, and protect your home from unauthorized entry. They will also be a breeze to clean, as in most cases; it only takes one hand and a slight push to access every side of the window. Aside from the relief these windows will bring, you can be confident that they will be installed with precision and within a moderate price range. Check out all of Bohl Home Services below and call today for a free quote!

• Window Inspection • Window Seals – Replacement & Repair • Replacement Windows
• Glass Windows • Vinyl Windows • Double Hung • Bay and Bow Windows • Casement and Awning
• Egress Windows • Window Repair


Weak and worn out doors cannot be hidden; not from neighbors, family, friends, visitors, and definitely not from burglars. Bohl’s cares about the safety of your home and family and a new door can go a long way to procure your security. We can assist you in finding the perfect interior or exterior door. Once you choose what will be right for your home, we will provide expert repair or installation. Once installed, you can close and lock it up for the night with confidence. A new door will also help to regulate your energy bills and maintain temperature control within the home. Drafts beware- we promise that you will never have to put that towel under the door again!

• Door Inspection • Door Seals – Replacement & Repair • Replacement Doors • Garage Doors • Entry Doors • Service Doors • Patio Doors • Sliding Doors • Double Doors

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Roofing Services

Roofing Repair and Installation

Need a new roof or a repair due to age, problems, or just to keep an updated look to your home? Bohl Home Services can offer a beautiful finished product all within your budget.

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Siding Services

Siding Repair and Installation

Bohl Home Services is your local expert on siding! We can offer many options, in different price points, for every situation. Let us be your first choice for your Home Improvement.

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Windows & Doors

Window and Door Repair and Installation

Old windows too big a pain? We can help you choose windows that will add value to your home, keep your electric and gas costs down, and protect your home from unauthorized entry.

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