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Soffit, Fascia & Gutter Installation & Repair

Bohl Home Services is pleased to offer repairs and new installation of any component part related to roofing issues. These parts, arguably the most important of your roof, include soffit, fascia, and gutters.
Soffit, fascia, and gutters are all important elements that are put in place to assist the roof in protecting your home. They all serve very different purposes, but combined and when working properly, they can protect your home and extend the life of your roof. Your roof is constantly battling wind, rain, and moisture (even on hot, humid days). This moisture can be extremely detrimental to homes because it can penetrate a home in small ways until everything has been affected or damaged. All of these materials make up a system of protection by routing water drainage from the roof, and a way to detour moisture away from attic space. Once moisture and water has built up within the top areas of the home, it will slowly rot and weaken areas within.


Soffit is the exposed board running horizontally underneath the roof and along the siding, bridging the two. It can be identified by the tiny holes lining the entire board. These holes serve as ventilation to the attic to ensure proper air circulation. This way, any moisture or heat is brought from the soffit board to the vents and away from the home. Soffit, usually made of vinyl due to the weather-resistant properties, plays an integral role in this process because moisture hanging around makes your home a sitting duck for bacteria, mold, mildew, and unsightly stains.


The wood trim surrounding where the gutters attach to the roof is the fascia. Fascia plays an important role by acting as a barrier between the outdoors (weather) and the outside edge of the roof. In essence, the fascia protects the home interior and roof from damage by prohibiting weather and water to enter the home. This component is also cosmetically helpful by providing the edges around the roof with a smooth and finished look. Although it is possible for damage to occur to fascia and soffit after years of use or faulty installation, they are extremely durable and are meant to last a very long time under extreme conditions. For this reason, call on Bohl Home Services to expertly replace or repair the fascia on your home.


Having an adequate gutter system completes the network of parts (soffit, fascia, and gutters) that assist your roof in protecting your home. The role of gutters on your home is to lead rain water away from your roof and foundation. The gutters prevent water from stalling on your roof, damaging the soffit and fascia, and also prohibits the water from flowing around or into your crawl space or basement. Water damage within the interior walls or in the sub spaces can cause mold, mildew, and even weaken the integrity of your home’s foundation.
It is extremely important to maintain your gutter system. If any of the above parts (the soffit, fascia, or even the gutters) were to stop functioning properly, then the whole system would slowly fail because they are all meant to protect the other- all while protecting you. The high cost to both to your family’s health and to fix subsequent foundation or water problems far outweighs the temporary angst of maintaining and cleaning your gutters.

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